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The fundamental activities are:

coannstruction d pre-fabrication in the plant of carpentry and piping
preparation and assemblage of metal structureselectrical and electronic insturments with automatic systems
construction and completion of civil and industrial building
construction and organization of oil pipe systems
realization and assembly of hydraulic instruments
opening plants
testing and certifiying plants

Offshore sector

Construction and assembleage of carpentry consisting of beams, plate sheets and comercial profiles, including the preparation of the welded joints.

Prefabrication and assemblage of piping using GMO_Duplex-A316 - A333 - API 5L - Titanium

Prefabbrication and assemblage of supporting multidisciplinary piping.

Assemblage of equipment in relation to the alignment and conservation activiy.

Hydraulic tests of the tubes

Mechanical completing and pre.-comissioning and assistance in the commissioning of activities

.Building of grills and sea fasting and assistance of the load-out.Installation of offshore plants

Chemical, and oil sector

Construction and wiring including the construction of the support carpentry, tubes and oil lubrification centres, implants and electronic instruments.

Dressing and wiring of pumps, sphere valves and steam turbines with the construction of the carpenty for the base and the piping and the working and assemblage of the metal parts and the electronic instruments and general instruments.

Constuction and assemblage of carpentry for the construction of sound proof cabins and isolation of sound proof cabins for the installation of gas turbines.

Construction and assemblage of mechanical tube groups and the relative plant accessories.

Assemblage of general and electronic instruments with testing during the preparation and starting-up of the groups.

Carpentry and piping consisting in the construction of termal exchange serpentines in steel with special welding and thermic treatments.

Irrigation and waterduct sector

Supply and transport and testing of steel tubing and special pieces for line area, with relative testing. Construction and assemblage of piexometrin towers in metal and cement, assemblage of pumping stations and construction and testing of the water collection deposits.

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