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B.Metal S.r.l. operate principal the following areas

Development of tecnical documents (drawings etc.) of existing plants where these are not available.

Buildings, (piping, carpentry, heating, etc.

Assembly (maintenance of rotating machinery, general maintainance of industrial plants and general equipment.

Co-ordination of services and supervision of maintance works in the plants.

Providing completely finished civil and industrial plants.

Construction of off-shore plants, water ducts, sewage, and gas ducts.

Skid pumps, air compressors and oil lumbrification centres.


B.Metal S.r.l. has undertaken a corse of quality via the institution and application of an active maintenance of a Quality Sytem, in accordance with the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and an enviormental management to ensure, in a sistematic way , the quality on offer towards the target market, and create the conditions to improve the performance of the company.

B.Metal S.r.l. in respect of the politics and the objectives of the company, has undertaken to:

to reconize understand and apply the company policy, to follow the objectives via and adequate information and formation of the persons who are involved inthe company process.
recognise and make available the resorces necessary to satisfy the quality requested.
opening to new markets using the company and its Know how.

From the moment of it fondation to today the direction of the company has decided that the priority objectives are:

Highly specializzed work force
A completely independent and well furnished area for the complete working of any kind of activity, metal or carpentry.

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