Material Delivery and Storage Areas

Access to the yard

Material deliveries by sea: 
Maximum size: no limits
Maximum weight:  no limits
Method of transfer: crane, trucks, trailer

Material deliveries by rail:
Nearest rail connection:  Arbatax
Distance from yard: 200m

Material deliveries by road:  
Road connection to Cagliari: 140 km
Road connection to Olbia:  180 km
Minimum road width:  6 m
Maximum axle load: 18 tonnes

Limits to material deliveries:
Maximum lenght: 16 m
Maximum width:  3 m
Maximum height:  4.5 m
Maximum weight:  44 tonnes
Method of offloading: by cranes

Air connections:
A little airport located at Arbatax – Tortolì is available for continental and regional  flights.

Seasonal connections between this airport and the most important international  airports to the mainland, like Milan, Bergamo, Rome, are scheduled. Cagliari and  Olbia are the nearest international airports in Sardinia.