Our History

The first work experience that saw her engaged outside her company began with the collaboration with the multinational Saipem Spa at the Intermare Sarda Spa shipyards, based in Arbatax di Tortolì. This experience has been fundamental for the growth of the Company that has currently reached a preparation that allows it to acquire numerous orders with the consequent need to increase its workforce and workspaces.

The first operational headquarters was inaugurated in 2004 at the Industrial Zone of Tortolì with the construction of a shed of about 1,500 square meters and related offices. In the following years the Company acquired new areas, going from an initial area of 5000 square meters to the current 70,000 square meters, of which 11,000 square meters are covered by sheds complete with overhead cranes.

The geographical position in which the company is located has been strategic for its growth; in fact, it is located about 500 m from the port of Arbatax, which favors the transport, in full autonomy, of artifacts also of considerable size, for whose transport it is necessary to use self-propelled trolleys of different capacity built at our shipyards. Currently B. Metal has n. 2 self-propelled trolleys of 80t, n.1 trolley of 200t and n. 1 trolley of 600t (with dimensions width 14,000 mm for 50,000 mm of length).